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After that, you can continue reading here to learn how to put your OC's page together.

  • Anything in Italics acts as a guideline for how you can fill out this guide for your own OC. It is to be deleted in the Published version! You can check here for a basic layout of what you can write for your character, or see how this guide should be filled out.

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Here, you will give a general overview of your Beyblade OC. What is your OC's name? Who is his/her creator?


Here, you should write about your character's childhood, family, how h/she got to where they are today, and/or how they became affiliated with major protagonists/antagonists/other characters. What happened prior to the main's story plot? How did that lead up to the story's current plot?

Physical Appearance

Here, you will describe your OC's apperance. Describe their hairstyle, clothing, eyes (shape and color), skin tone, body, height, etc. Do they have any marks on their body? Is their hair waist-length or shoulder-length? Straight or curly? Do they wear baggy clothing, or tight clothing? What shape is their eye? What color is their eye? Is their complexion dark or light? Are they tall or short? Muscular or scrawny? Go into detail! Paint a picture in the reader's mind!


This is where you will talk about your character's personal traits, such as how they act around others or how they think, what they like, and maybe even personal opinions. Are they sweet and caring? Are they mean or cold-hearted? Do they like to be surrounded by people? Do they prefer to be alone? Are they emotional or do they wear their hearts on their sleeve? Do they care about their teammates or family members? What do they treasure? What is their most distinguished trait? What is their worst?


Anything in [ ] should be replaced.

Here is where you talk about what you character does in a specific season. For example, Beyblade follows this map: Beyblade --> Beyblade V-Force --> Beyblade G-Revolution. Where you see [Franchise] above should be replaced with Beyblade, Beyblade V-Force, Beyblade G-Revolution, 'Beyblade Metal Fusion, 'Beyblade Metal Masters, Beyblade Metal Fury, Beyblade Shogun Steel, or Beywheelz. Whichever season your character appears in. If your character is in three seasons (again, use the same example from earlier), then you can Copy/Paste this section two more times, and simple replace the heading.

You will then talk about what your character did in this particular season. How was your character first introduced? How did they meet the Canon character(s)? Did they assist the Canon character(s) in some way? What major events (involving your character) happened during this season?


Here, you will talk about your character's family, and what their relationship is with said person. That means blood-related or adopted only! Do they have brothers or sisters? Are they related by blood or by law? What is their relationship with said family member? Good? Bad?


Here is where you can describe your character's relationship with other characters (non-related). Is there a particular character they can be found around? How did they meet this character? What is their relationship with this character?


This is where you talk about your character's Beyblade. If they don't Beyblade, you can delete this section. But if your character does Beyblade, talk about their Bit Beast/partner. What is their relationship with their Beyblade? How did they get their Beyblade? Did someone give it to them? What moves does their Beyblade have?


Here is where you can list the battles that your characters have had. List the name of their opponent, and the outcome of the battle. Did your character win, lose, or draw against the opponent?


List quotes that your character has said. Can be a personal quote or a line they have said to another character.


Fun facts about your OC! Just have fun with it! :)


Here, you can give credit to artists, or link readers to particular pages. You can also add links to your main site where your OC can originally be found, such as Deviantart or Quizilla. Give credit to those who deserve it!